Maruetsu announced on March 4th that it will start selling New Delicatessen Brands “Maigokoro” and “Umagokoro.”

At the Maruetsu Soka Delicatessen Center, launching its operations in early March, we are proud to offer a range of meticulously crafted products that prioritize exceptional ingredients and cooking techniques. Among these, our original brands “Maigokoro” (featuring rice balls, sushi rolls, and other rice-based items) and “Umagokoro” (highlighting deli products) stand out.

Beginning March 7th, we are excited to introduce Umagokoro’s inaugural offering: “Chicken Fried Chicken with In-House Soup Stock and Three Types of Soy Sauce” (starting at 224 yen per 100g, tax included).

Our unique soup stock blends aged bonito flakes with Hokkaido kelp, resulting in a tantalizing mix of refreshing and savory flavors.

The name “Maigokoro” derives from a fusion of “rice” and “sincerity,” evoking not only the essence of rice but also the warmth of everyday happiness.

Similarly, “Umagokoro” combines “delicious” with “sincerity,” signifying a commitment to crafting side dishes with genuine care.

Furthermore, commencing March, our monthly lineup of new, revamped, and recommended products will feature refreshed labels, enhancing their visibility and clarity for customers on the sales floor.

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