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Private label  / Branded products sourcing Service in Japan for export

Do you need Sourcing hub in Japan for your business growth? We support our customers to identify and source affordable private label or branded  merchandise from Japanese manufactures.





Service & Price

 Service overview

Suppliers identification and communication support


  •  We support our customers to identify potential private label suppliers or source branded  merchandise from Japanese manufactures.
  • Most difficult part is first stage with limited information available. we are assisting customers with the initial stages of identifying and sourcing products from Japanese manufacturers.
  • We identify several potential suppliers  with information to match your needs including production capacity, spec & packaging capability,  certification, export experience, in-house export department, in-house English speaker sales person availability etc. with interview and research so you can start communication with those manufactures. We also support  communication at your needs.
  • Due to the characteristics of business , we will not be responsible for product Spec& design, factory inspection, contracts, final price negotiation, compliance law, complaint resolution, and logistics management, those must be finally verified between importer & exporter.
  • Commission for the establishment of OEM, private label manufacturing or sourcing branded products is to be charged against FOB price per invoices. (1~4% depends on category)
  • Please select our monthly services (yearly contract) to receive this sourcing hub service.
  • Even if you are not yearly contract partner, it is available Sourcing services only. Please free to contact us for inquiry!

 WHY from Japan?

Huge potential

for sourcing 


  • High Quality
  • Technology and innovation
  • Competitive price
  • Differentiation as  ‘Made in Japan’
  • Stable logistics
  • Low inflation
  • Exchange rate (JPY depreciation)
  • Low country risk
  • Business culture