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As if you were having your branch with experienced staff in Japan, we provide real and latest intelligence from Japan directly related to sales, product development and strategy through our consultancy, newsletters, category reports and much more.






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Customer-centric innovation through expertise and flexibility

We provide the latest information on Japan directly related to your product development for japan and all over the world, sales, and strategy that cannot be covered by large to middle consulting firms or research companies.

Service/Information Martner Japan Consultancy companies Market research, Consumer research companies

Website ,specialized magazines

Breaking News, Articles × ×
Market size
Market situation
Customer insights
Field research such as Stores  ×
Innovation information × ×
Product development support × × ×
Sales support × × ×
Category review × × ×

 1,750-3,200USD  per month

 More than  50,000 USD per one  project

1,500USD to 25,000USD and more per one report

Several to tens of USD per month

Problems & Issues we can solve

Practical Outcomes Solutions

Practical Information


 Issues Example


“We possess market size, trends, and customer insights from prominent research companies. Nevertheless, we are seeking more in-depth research and consultancy that provides us with practical outcomes to boost sales in Japan.

A considerable amount of specialized information within various categories is available only in Japanese. It is impractical for us to translate and track all of it. Therefore, we are seeking someone who can provide us with monthly updates on important topics, enabling us to stay informed and fulfill our sales responsibilities in the Japanese market.”



Issues Example


“Many retail product trend, innovation information are from western countries. We are hungry for different information to be creative to create new products to all over the world from  trend and innovation in Japan becasue this market has healty traditional products, products for aging society and more different ideas compared to western culture.”

Product Development


Issues Example


“Our brand  aims to diversify our product offerings, specifically focusing on expanding our range of Ramen and Tofu products, which hold significant cultural importance in Japan. To facilitate product development, our company requires ongoing support in arranging samples for testing and tasting sessions. We are eager to understand the core values of these products, explore innovative items, learn about the strategies stores employ in selling them, and gather customer feedback”

As a Local Agent


Issues Example


 “We aim to enter the Japanese market, but currently, we are not prepared to navigate the complexities of hiring local staff due to intricate labor laws. Additionally, we wish to avoid incurring extra costs such as office fees, etc. Given that our sales department occasionally travels for sales, we are seeking assistance from a local partner in Japan. This partner would investigate and provide advance reports on the values and key messages we should convey to Japanese buyers.”

 Process of services

 We always hear your needs and customize for you.


We know what is really needed.

 As if you were hiring local Japanese staff who are well versed in the food retail distribution industry, we will provide you with the latest category information in Japan that is directly related to your company’s actual profits, and contribute to your company’s strategy, sales, product development, and innovation.


Buyer experience in one of the largest retailers in the world

We understand what buyers want and think in Japan.

Product Development Experience in one of the largest retailers in the world

Frozen, Delica, Grocery, Fresh and more…lots of experience in product development. We understand added value and creativity is essential to win the market.

COnsultancy experte

With global and local mindset, we specializes in consulting on consumer, competitive brands, competitive strategies, and competitive product analysis to support your business.

Import/Export business knowledge

Local and Global business have some difference including laws, logistics and culture. We know what need to be concerned for international business.