AEON announced that from Friday, June 21, 2024, it will gradually introduce “digital receipts” (receipt-less function) at approximately 4,000 stores operated by 19 AEON Group companies. This service digitizes the usual paper receipts, including purchase dates, store names, and product details, allowing customers to view their shopping history on their smartphones.

Features of Digital Receipts
– Environmental Protection: The introduction of digital receipts will save approximately 78,000 trees annually, equivalent to the amount of paper rolls reduced across the AEON Group stores.
– Enhanced Convenience: Customers can use AEON’s comprehensive app “iAEON” to access digital receipts by presenting it during shopping. The app also features a function to save receipt images on smartphones, making it possible to handle returns and issue receipts just like paper receipts.

Intended Effects
– Sustainability: This initiative is part of AEON’s goal to create a society where everyday life naturally connects to sustainability through shopping experiences at AEON.
– Visualization of Eco Effects: The “iAEON” app will also work on visualizing the environmental benefits of paper reduction, allowing customers to see the eco-friendly impacts of the AEON Group’s initiatives.

Through this effort, AEON aims to enhance customer convenience while strengthening its environmental commitment and striving to realize a sustainable society.

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