Marugame Seimen is one of the largest udon chains in Japan. It will launch a new sweet called “Marugame Udonuts” nationwide on June 25th. The aim is to propose a new way to enjoy traditional udon and create a new category. To commemorate the launch, a pop-up store called “Marugame Udonuts Shop” will open in Dogenzaka, Shibuya from June 19th to 23rd. The regular operations of the “Marugame Seimen Shibuya Dogenzaka Branch” will be temporarily suspended for this special operation.

To fully enjoy the chewy texture, the proportion of udon and the resting time of the dough were carefully experimented with. The udon is blended into a paste in the store and white dashi is added to the dough every few hours. This offers a handmade deliciousness that can be enjoyed as a dessert after eating udon, as a snack when feeling peckish, or as a treat when wanting to take a break.

Two flavors will be available: “Brown Sugar Flavor,” which has a gentle sweetness, and “Addictive Curry Flavor,” which combines multiple spices with the umami of fried onions and garlic for a spicy kick. The “Marugame Udonuts” sold at the store are plain, and customers can add a spoonful of either brown sugar or curry powder prepared in the store, shake it well in the bag, and enjoy.

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