AEON’s private brand (PB) “Topvalu” will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024. Aeon has been supported by a “value proposition” that national brands (NB) cannot provide and a “price strategy” that offers the same or better quality as NB but at a reasonable price. Sales in fiscal year 2023 will surpass the 1 trillion yen mark, and it aims to reach 1.1 trillion yen in fiscal year 2024. One of the major factors supporting the development of strong PB products is marketing research.

As the first phase, “Kraft Cola By19 Nineteen” and “Craft Ginger Ale By19 Nineteen” will be launched in September 2023. In November of the same year, it launched its second series of seven products, including “Mystery Grenadine Grapefruit Tea” and “Ambiguous Earl Grey Lemonade” “Piao W Citrus Suede.”

In the second phase, it was conscious of emotional value, such as a sense of security that accompanies their feelings and a sense of crush that makes them want to take a picture of themselves. The unique wordings and packaging, such as “enigmatic,” “ambiguous,” and “aloof,” as well as having people choose flavors according to their mood or the occasion they want to drink, were born from qualitative research with Generation Z.

Following the success of 19 Nineteen, Topvalu released a series of products for the MZ generation. On March 19, 2024, it launched “Tokimek Snack Club Series” and on 26th, 2024, the beverage “BAR-ish” for Generation M as a follow-up series to 19 Nineteen.

Mr. Tsujimori says, “The ideal is to increase the number of customers who say, ‘Let’s go to Aeon because of Topvalu.’ To achieve this, we believe that more customer resolution is needed. We would like to continue to produce many products that uncover the latent needs of our customers.

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