Ajinomoto AGF Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ajinomoto AGF) will launch six varieties of the “Blendy® My Bottle Stick” series nationwide starting from March 1, 2024 (Friday).

Product Features:

The “Blendy® My Bottle Stick” series is a stick-type powdered drink exclusively designed for My Bottle. It is a product that supports an “Eco & Smart Life”※1, making it easy to prepare, environmentally friendly, and encourages a positive mindset.

In recent years, My Bottle has gained attention due to its reduction of plastic waste, economic benefits, and the convenience of carrying favorite beverages anywhere. The ownership rate of My Bottles in households is approximately 70%, with a total of around 110 million bottles, and the estimated usage rate within one year is about 57%※2, making it a familiar item for consumers.

However, consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the effort required to make My Bottle drinks and the limited variety of flavor options※2.

In response to this background, we are releasing six new varieties of the “Blendy® My Bottle Stick” series that meet the needs of “convenience,” “variety,” “environment,” and “economic efficiency” required for My Bottle drinks. Since they are in powder form, you can easily make a delicious drink by simply adding water or hot water to your My Bottle and shaking it for about 5 seconds.

With a diverse flavor lineup to choose from according to your mood, colorful liquid colors, and refreshing aroma, you can enjoy a taste that never gets boring.

※1A lifestyle recommended by Ajinomoto AGF through this product. ※2Ajinomoto AGF Survey: My Bottle Actual Situation WEB Survey in October 23 (N=10,000) – Estimated from the survey on the number of My Bottles owned in households conducted in October 23 (N=10,000).

[Introduction Video] “Blendy® My Bottle Stick: Showing You All the Charms” Edition

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