Introducing Japan Kellogg’s Whole Granola Series with the highest reduction of 70% in fat content. The new product is available starting from Monday, March 25th.

Supervised by the Head Chef of Hotel New Otani, we’ve achieved a 70% reduction in fat content without compromising on taste. In each 40g serving, there’s only 0.8g of carbohydrates, which is the highest reduction of 70% across the series. This was made possible by replacing all the oatmeal, which is high in fat, with barley and continuously refining the recipe to reduce vegetable oils.

Kellogg’s has used whole barley, which contains more nutrients than refined grains, as the main ingredient for the granola, and have minimized processing for both grains and ingredients as much as possible. You can enjoy the contrast of the crispy Kellogg’s cornflakes and the flavorful barley in our granola, which is proudly made with carefully selected ingredients. Experience the delicate sweetness of the crispy granola and the vibrant acidity of the fruits, savoring the deliciousness of each ingredient.

Made with whole barley, fortified with 5 vitamins, iron, and dietary fiber.

*Compared with Kellogg’s  Whole Granola with Fresh-Picked Strawberries.

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