The product trend for 2024 will be “finding the joy of eating that suits each individual”.

The 30th New Product Grand Prix Spring/Summer 2024 received entries for 26 processed foods, 15 refrigerated foods, 17 frozen foods, and 11 ice creams, and will be held in Tokyo and Osaka in late January. New products were unveiled at the exhibition and reviewed by general consumers.  Many of the new products included products that suggest “self-care for the mind and body,” and products that allow customers to enjoy meals by “taking time or not.”  Products that suggest “self-care for the mind and body” include products that encourage the active intake of “vegetables” and “grains,” “functional foods,” “nutrition appeals,” and products perfect for relaxing time.  Products that allow you to enjoy meals by taking time or not, include products that focus on time performance such as “just mix,” “leave in the bag,” “just pour,” and “no mistakes,” as well as products that add extra to everyday cooking. There were products that gave you a sense of luxury.  Values ​​towards food have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the awareness that “enjoying meal time is important” has spread, and as we return to our busy daily lives after the coronavirus pandemic, “the need to not take time” has also recovered. However, as people are increasingly looking for both the elements of “taipa” and “fun” in their meals, new products for spring/summer 2024 are products that allow individuals to find the “fun of eating” that suits them. The lineup is as follows.

“New Product Grand Prix 2024 Spring/Summer” results list

●Grand Prix
“Additive-Free Sesami and Bonito Flavored Furikake”<Now on sale/Open price> (Shinsei Co., Ltd.)
Flavored sesame with sweet and spicy okaka flavor. It has a gentle taste, so it is also recommended for children. Contains plenty of calcium, DHA, and EPA. No sweeteners, colorings, or flavorings are used for flavor.
[Main evaluation comments from the judges]
“This was a very delicious product that was gentle on the body.The flavor of the sesame seeds matched well with the aroma of the rice kaka, and the sesame seeds were delicious on their own.I would like to use this product as rice balls for my children’s lunch boxes. ” (Female in her 30s)

●Trend Award
[Processed Foods]
“‘Blendy®’ My Bottle Stick 6 bottles of gorgeously scented jasmine tea” <Now on sale/open price> (Ajinomoto AGF, Inc.) A
gorgeously scented jasmine tea. The soothing flavor will provide you with a relaxing time that will melt your heart.
[Main comments from judges]
“I like that it dissolves easily in water. It’s compatible with my own bottle, and the paper stick is eco-friendly and good. It also tastes really good.” (40s) woman)

[Refrigerated food]

“Sleep Lab” <Release date: late April / 149 yen including tax> (Farmers Co., Ltd.) A functional drink that adds “memory maintenance” to the popular “sleep improvement”. “Sleep Lab” is a popular product released by the number one company in GABA research. [Main evaluation comments from judges] “I’m happy that the drink tastes delicious and helps improve sleep and maintain memory.” (Male in his 40s)

Source:Diamond Chainstore 19th Mar 2024.