Liquid food diet from advanced aging society Japan / MAIBALANCE lineup from MEIJI company

From Japan’s leading manufacturer MEIJI company, ”Meibalance” is making waves in Southeast Asia, offering a perfect balance of protein, fats, and minerals in a variety of delicious flavors. Approved by Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency, this high-energy solution is redefining healthcare nutrition for aging populations, ensuring safety, reliability, and convenience.

Japan, as an advanced aging society, has leveraged its technological expertise to create products that serve as valuable lessons for the world. Major Japanese companies like Meiji and Maruha Nichiro are actively expanding into aging societies in Asia, where the aging population is on the rise.

Aging is becoming a significant phenomenon in Southeast Asia, with the percentage of the total working-age population (15-64 years old) anticipated to start declining by 2024. This demographic shift is prompting Japanese businesses to proactively enter these markets and apply their technological advancements to address the challenges associated with an aging population.

Meiji is expanding the sales of its hospital-oriented nutritional product, “Meibalance,” in Taiwan. Meibalance is a liquid diet that provides a well-balanced intake of protein, fats, minerals, and other nutrients and has been widely utilized in many medical institutions in Japan. The “Meiji Meibalance” brand was established in 1995 with the goal of developing nutrition that considers the needs of an aging society and a life expectancy of 100 years. Meibalance offers a range of products, including drinks, jellies, and ice cream.

“Meibalance” is well-regarded for its delicious taste, well-balanced nutritional content, and high level of convenience, earning support from a diverse range of individuals. It is positioned not only for use in hospitals and care facilities but also as a helpful product for nutritional management at home.

Key Features of “Meibalance”:

**Nutrient Balance and Energy:**
– High Energy: Providing 200kcal in a 125ml bottle, with 7.5g of protein and 2.5g of fat, it allows for efficient nutrient intake even in small quantities.

**Variety of Flavors:**
– Diverse Flavors: Available in 8 flavors (coffee, strawberry, banana, yogurt, caramel, corn soup, grape, cocoa) to provide variety and prevent meal fatigue, serving as a supportive aspect to meals.

**Nutrient Composition:**
– Comprehensive Nutrients: Contains 13 types of minerals and 13 types of vitamins, designed to cover the necessary nutrients for the body.

**Safety and Reliability:**
– Certified Comprehensive Nutritional Food: Approved by the Consumer Affairs Agency in Japan as a “comprehensive nutritional food,” ensuring safety and reliability by confirming a balanced inclusion of essential nutrients for consumption as a meal.

– Storage and Handling: Can be stored at room temperature with a long shelf life of 270 days from the date of manufacture, making it easy to handle and store.


Source: Meiji website 

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