Japanese smoked green tea; ”Kuntea”drip pack
Experience Tranquility with Uji Tahara Tea Factory’s New Genre: Smoked Tea ‘KUNtea.’ This innovative tea combination aligns with the global trend of seeking new experiences.

Kyoto’s Uji Tahara Tea Factory, founded in the first year of the Showa era, with a rich history, introduced a new genre of Japanese tea called “KUNtea” on December 15, 2023. This innovative tea combines traditional Japanese tea with the essence of smoked flavors, creating a unique concept and a variety of options.

Positioned as a soothing tea enveloped in the smoky essence, “KUNtea” blends the heritage of Japanese tea with the innovation of smoked flavors. The concept revolves around choosing tea based on daily scenes and moods, offering a distinct fusion of different types of Japanese tea and smoked elements.

“KUNtea” comes in four variations:

  1. SOU-KUN: Refreshing Smoke – Turnip Stem Tea with Sakura
  2. YU-KUN: Evening Smoke – Deep-steamed Green Tea with Beech
  3. YOI-KUN: Night Smoke – Young-steamed Green Tea with Whiskey Oak
  4. SHI-KUN: Enjoyable Smoke – Stem Hojicha with Hickory

Each tea is a blend of Japanese tea with unique characteristics and the perfect complementary smoked flavor. “KUNtea” introduces an entirely new category of “smoked tea,” distinct from alcohol or coffee, providing consumers with a fresh and intriguing choice.

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