On the 27th, KAGOME announced that it would increase prices for food items such as tomato ketchup and beverages like tomato juice, starting from the deliveries on February 1, 2024. The targeted items for households include 147 products, including “野菜生活100(Yasai seikatsu100※)” with price increases ranging from 8.5% to 16.4% for food and 6.2% to 13.6% for beverages, respectively.

This marks the first price hike for tomato ketchup and vegetable beverages since February 1, 2023. Rising prices of agricultural products such as tomatoes, carrots, oranges, and increasing material costs for containers and packaging are cited as reasons for the adjustment.

For commercial products, the price increase will be effective from the deliveries on February 1. A total of 158 items are affected, with food items like tomato ketchup seeing increases of 4.9% to 13.8%, and beverages like tomato juice facing hikes of 5.1% to 34.2% in their shipping prices.

※Yasai seikatsu100: This is a product named containing 70% vegetable juice and 30% fruit juice.

Source:Nikkei 29th Nov 2024.