Lots of trends is related to Krean boom.

SHIBUYA109 Entertainment (Shibuya, Tokyo), operator of SHIBUYA109, has announced the results of its 2023 trend survey of women aged 15-24. The consumption trend reflects the increase in the number of people gathering information through short videos, such as the video-sharing application “TikTok.

The Z generation has embraced new choices in their approach to food enjoyment, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. With an increase in outings compared to the previous year, there’s a growing trend towards one-hand foods. Whether it’s dining in, taking out, or preparing meals at home, there’s a flexible and diverse range of dining styles.

Due to the record-breaking heat last year, there was a tendency to avoid outdoor activities during the day, leading to a notable rise in the popularity of cafes that offer a leisurely evening atmosphere.

Specific trends include:

1.10 Japanese Yen Bread: This trend originated from Korea’s ’10 Won Bread’ and gained popularity in Japan with a 10 yen design, featuring mozzarella cheese inside a bread that stretches dramatically. The bold design and the visual appeal of the cheese stretching make it a hit for sharing through photos and videos.                                                                                                                                                                                                      10 Won  Bread,” launched by B.N Corporation on September 8, 2022, quickly became a sensation, with six stores currently operating, including three within Don Quijote premises. The decision to introduce the trend was prompted by the store manager’s recognition of the Z generation’s interest in Korean sweets and social media trends in 2022. Aligning with the demographic of Don Quijote’s clientele contributed to the rapid spread. This initiative, targeting the Z generation, is part of a broader strategy, evident in product offerings, store presentations, and active social media engagement.

2. Rice Paper: Rice paper, a TikTok recipe that has been selling out one after another, has triggered a boom in a variety of “new ways to eat rice paper. Sheets made from ingredients like rice flour, commonly used in fresh spring rolls. However the trend gained traction through creative home recipes, sparked in part by popular influencer @rizap58, affectionately known as “Rice Paper Neki.”


    3.Night Cafés: Cafés that stay open late into the night have become a notable trend. The appeal lies in the ability to enjoy not only drinks but also café-style menus during the evening. The trend is also driven by the romantic and relaxed ambiance that comes with spending time in a café during the night.