Baujolais Nouveau Wine 2023 started. Aiming to Establish the ‘Japanese Version.

Beaujolais Nouveau, the French wine from the Beaujolais region, was released on the 16th, with the 2023 import volume set to rise by 20% compared to 2022. Suntory marked the occasion with a midnight event in Shibuya, Tokyo. Culinary expert Asuka Wada crafted “Beaujolais meals” for the occasion, such as “Autumn Scented Pork and Daikon.” Suntory’s President, Keiko Yoshio, emphasized enjoying the wine’s fresh fruit aroma. This year’s grapes, though small, boast a well-balanced acidity and sweetness. Suntory aims to import 32,000 cases, a 64% increase from 2022, anticipating a rebound in party demand post-COVID. Despite a decline in Beaujolais Nouveau’s traditional fall significance, wine consumption overall is thriving, with Mercian reporting a 4% increase in 2021.

Various retail businesses in Japan are promoting their products with different features such as additive-free, organic, direct import, and expert supervision, initiating sales promotions.

What is ” BOJO MESHI”  beaujolais-meals ?

Based on Suntory , Beaujolais  meal concept is about combining the current season’s Beaujolais Nouveau with fresh ingredients to create recipes that are both in season. It’s a dining style that not only focuses on the flavors but also encourages enjoying the moment together, encompassing both time and space.

Each company is actively promoting Japan’s unique Beaujolais Nouveau culture by concentrating on domestic wine production and implementing various sales promotion strategies, including proposing meals that pair well with Beaujolais.

Logo and meal picture from Suntory