Sweet potatoes, immensely popular worldwide, also enjoy great popularity in Japan. Every autumn, numerous new sweet potato-flavored products are released. Japan boasts approximately 60 major varieties of sweet potatoes. The mainstream varieties, such as ‘Beni Azuma,’ ‘Naruto Kintoki,’ and ‘Kokei 14,’ are known for their pleasantly starchy texture. However, in recent years, sweet potatoes with a gooey texture, exemplified by the ‘Anno Imo’ variety indigenous to Tanegashima, have also become a topic of discussion.


Savory sweet potato and salty deliciousness rice cracker


Launch date 8/7/2023
Name Sweetpotato butter rick craker


(Snow house)

Manufacturer SEIKA Co., Ltd(Japan)
Price (without tax) 239JPY (1.59USD)
Spec 2 pieces in individual bag x 9 bags
Description This is a limited-edition of brad where you can savor the sweet and salty deliciousness of Anno-imo (sweet potatoes) paired with Hokkaido butte
Trend Indulgent, unique flavor, nostalgia



Selling out fast! Sweet Potato Steamed Buns


Launch date 10/10/2023

Marude Oimo

(Like a sweet potato Chinese steamed bun) 

Brand Seven &I  Private brand
Manufacturer N/A
Price (without tax) 139JPY (1.00USD)
Spec about 68g-74g
Description This is a sweet Chinese steamed bun that looks just like a sweet potato. The baked sweet potato is used to make a slightly vanilla-scented red bean paste, which is wrapped in a dough with a soft and chewy texture.
Trend Indulgent, unique flavor, nostalgia, unique experience, healthier 



Marshmallows with sweet potato flavored chocolate


Launch date 9/11/2023
Name Marshmallows in purple sweet potato-flavored chocolate
Brand Seven &I  Private brand
Manufacturer N/A
Price (without tax) 100JPY (0.66USD)
Spec 25g
Description Soft and fluffy marshmallows are wrapped in chocolate made from Japanese purple sweet potatoes.
Trend Indulgent, unique flavor, nostalgia, unique experience, local



One bite ice cream Sensation of indulging in Sweet Potato Brûlée


Launch date 10/23/2023
Name PINO Sweet Potato Brûlée
Brand PINO 
Price (without tax) 100JPY (1.00USD)
Spec 6 bites
Description Pino’s first-ever flavor that captures the sensation of indulging in Sweet Potato Brûlée –  Utilizing paste from Anno Imo sweet potatoes cultivated in Tanegashima, this delectable sweet potato ice cream offers a rich and sweet experience with a sticky texture, coated with sweet potato-flavored chocolate
Trend Indulgent, unique flavor, Premium, unique experience,local



We will soon be releasing a report on seasonal and holiday programs in Japan. It will be featuring more innovative sweet potato products, with detailed insights, trends. The report is scheduled to be available in January 2024.

As part of our services (Service name ‘BUSINESS’) , we assist in the product development process. If you are interested in receiving samples of these sweet potato products for development in your country, we are here to support this process. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Please note that most of these items are limited edition, so there is a restricted timeframe for securing these products