Hosting a large party using private brand (PB) items, achieving both cost-effectiveness and delicious cuisine.

Developing special products for Christmas and the New Year using private brand (PB).

Aeon has announced the release of 70 private brand (PB) products for Christmas and the New Year, targeting home parties. Collaborating with Italian pasta company Barilla, Aeon developed frozen pasta replicating regional tastes. The products, including chilled foods supervised by renowned chefs and microwave-roasted chicken, aim to balance savings and enjoyment during the festive season. Ion anticipates a 20% increase in PB sales from November to early January, responding to a growing demand for home-based celebrations. Notably, the collaboration with Barilla marks the first of its kind for the well-established pasta maker. The diverse product range, spanning various themes like meat, vegetables, and multinational cuisines, emphasizes higher-priced PB items. This initiative provides an opportunity to introduce authentic Italian food culture to Japan.