Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. is set to launch its innovative “Obento PON™” series on August 11, 2024. This new line of products is designed to fit easily into freezer spaces, be conveniently placed directly into bento boxes, and be disposed of with minimal hassle.

Rising Demand for Bento Making

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity to prepare bento lunches has increased, with about 30% of people now making bentos for themselves or their families to save on dining out costs. As social activities resume, the demand for bento preparation has surged. According to surveys, the most important factor in bento making is time efficiency, as busy mornings require quick and easy preparation methods.

 Addressing Common Freezer Storage Issues

With the rise in bento preparation, the demand for bento-friendly frozen foods has also increased. However, consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with traditional tray-based frozen food products due to space issues in freezers, the inconvenience of separating trays, and the bulkiness of tray waste. Ajinomoto’s “Obento PON™” series addresses these concerns with its space-efficient design and easy-to-use packaging.

Features of “Obento PON™”

The “Obento PON™” series includes five popular bento menu items.These products are designed to fit easily into any freezer space, making bulk buying and storage more convenient. The colorful packaging helps consumers easily identify and retrieve the items from the freezer, adding an element of fun to meal preparation.

 Environmental and Logistical Benefits

The “Obento PON™” packaging is half the size of traditional tray products, making it easy to store even in a full freezer. The lack of trays reduces bulk and waste, as the packaging can be compactly disposed of. This reduction in plastic usage contributes to a 69% decrease in plastic waste and an 85% reduction in waste volume compared to traditional tray products.

Additionally, the efficient packaging improves transportation logistics, addressing challenges such as labor shortages and rising transportation costs. The compact boxes allow for a higher pallet load, enhancing transportation efficiency and reducing environmental impact. The products come in display-ready cartons, making it easy for retailers to stock shelves quickly, thus reducing labor time.

Ajinomoto Frozen Foods continues to innovate by responding to consumer needs and environmental concerns with the “Obento PON™” series, promising to make daily bento preparation more enjoyable and sustainable.

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