(Left) “Seven Premium Just Like a Ripe Banana” 148 yen (159.84 yen including tax), (right) “Seven Premium Waffle Cone Banana Shake” 248 yen (267.84 yen including tax) (From a Seven & i Holdings news release)

On June 3rd, Seven & i Holdings (Tokyo) began releasing two products from the group’s private brand “Seven Premium” at Seven & i Group stores that use “Mottainai Bananas,” non-standard bananas that are still edible but end up being discarded for various reasons.

The bananas we will be using this time are Dole’s “Mottainai Bananas.” There are cases where bananas are discarded because the skin is scratched or the color changes during shipping, even though it does not affect the taste. Therefore, Seven & i Holdings has participated in the “Mottainai Project” promoted by Dole.

 Using these non-standard bananas not only allows customers to enjoy the rich flavor of bananas, but also contributes to reducing food waste and leads to the procurement of sustainable raw materials.

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