The chewy texture of Japanese sweets MOCHI is gaining attention overseas, and the texture of kuzukiri is likely to become a new innovative product in the market. A new sensation in ice cream made with kudzu starch and eaten “semi-thawed” is generating buzz. This evolved traditional Japanese sweet is low-calorie and allows enjoyment of the changing textures as it thaws. It’s easy to eat with one hand and features a beauty that has become a topic of conversation on social media.

Kuzukiri is a traditional Japanese confection made primarily from kudzu starch. It is characterized by its chewy texture and a light sweetness, making it a popular treat. This traditional sweet has inspired the creation of new desserts adapted to modern lifestyles, generating buzz.

The “Kuzu Bar” from Sanjudō, a long-established confectionery shop in Hiratsuka, Shonan, is an innovative dessert that merges tradition and innovation. This product reimagines the traditional Japanese sweet “kuzukiri” in a frozen bar format to suit contemporary lifestyles. As a result, the “Kuzu Bar” quickly gained attention from sweet lovers nationwide, not just locally.

The main features of the “Kuzu Bar” are its beautiful appearance and convenience, as it can be enjoyed with one hand. It can be stored frozen, allowing one to thaw and enjoy it at any time. Additionally, being low-calorie and healthy due to the use of kudzu starch, it appeals to health-conscious modern consumers. Made from natural ingredients, it is also gentle on the stomach and easy to digest.

In terms of design, its vibrant look, designed with social media in mind, is particularly popular among the younger generation and is perfect for sharing on platforms like Instagram. Adding seasonal fruits or local specialties as toppings brings visual fun and a sense of the seasons, offering new discoveries with each bite.

Sanjudō leverages these features to express the charm of traditional Japanese sweets in a modern style. The “Kuzu Bar” is more than just a sweet; it represents a new form of Japanese culture at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. It has garnered support as an innovative and traditional dessert, meeting the needs of modern consumers who seek not only taste but also health and convenience.

Kuzu-bar innovative ice

Kuzukiri Traditional sweet

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