Kirin Beverage announced that it will implement price adjustments on certain products, including large PET bottle items, starting from deliveries on May 1st. The announcement was made on January 18th. The price adjustment rate is 8-9%, marking the first such adjustment for the company’s large PET bottles in 1 year and 7 months since October 2022.

The number of items subject to this adjustment is 26, accounting for approximately 10% of all PET bottle products. Representative products, such as “Kirin Namacha 2L PET” and “Kirin Gogo no Kocha Straight Tea 1.5L PET,” will see a revision from the current 370 yen to 400 yen (excluding tax), with an adjustment rate of 8.1%. Similarly, “Kirin Lemon 1.5L PET” will be revised from the current 360 yen to 390 yen (excluding tax), with the same adjustment rate of 8.3%.

Kirin Beverage has announced that, against the backdrop of improving productivity and ongoing efforts to reduce costs across its entire business, the company has faced sustained increases in related expenses such as raw materials, packaging materials, energy, and logistics. Despite continuous efforts in corporate initiatives and management rationalization, the escalating costs have persisted, and the future remains uncertain with a challenging environment. Consequently, the company has reluctantly decided to implement price revisions for certain products.

Source: Shokuhinsangyo 18th Nov 2024.