Kanro’s Bold Move: Price Hikes for Candies and Gummies Set to Roll Out from February 25, 2024

On the 25th Dec, Kanro announced upcoming price increases for candies and gummies starting February 2024.

This adjustment will impact 17 products, with retail prices seeing a surge of approximately 3-16%. In an intriguing twist, five candies and gummies exclusive to 100-yen shops will undergo a discreet price hike through a reduction in content. This strategic move aims to offset the escalating costs of raw materials, supplies, utilities, and logistics.

The popular “Pure Gummy Lemon” will see its retail price rise from tax-excluded ¥138 to ¥150. This marks the first price increase for Pure Gummy since March 2023. Simultaneously, 100-yen shop exclusive items will gradually reduce content starting from shipments on March 4th, with reductions ranging from 7-15%. Notably, “Gold Milk Candy – 100-yen Shop Exclusive” will shrink from 33 grams to 29 grams.

Source: Nikkei MJ 27th Dec 2023.