Source: Cook Pad Food Trend Forecast 2024

What is CookPad?

Cookpad Co., Ltd. has announced “Food Trend Predictions 2024” based on data from Japan’s largest recipe service, “Cookpad.” The data includes search keywords, access trends, monthly page views of approximately 40 million, and approximately 9 million followers on official social media accounts such as “Cookpad News.” These awards and predictions aim to highlight the culinary and ingredient trends that symbolize 2023 and provide insights into what food trends may emerge in 2024.

Paris Style Onigiri

Paris 2024 Olympics: French-Inspired Onigiri Could Become a Hit in Japan

The 2024 Olympics will be held in Paris. In Paris, there are various types of onigiri (rice balls) available at specialty stores and supermarkets, including not only traditional Japanese flavors like salmon and tuna mayo but also ones with French-inspired ingredients such as tomato and olive, salmon and cream cheese, and more. These onigiri with a Parisian twist may have the potential to become popular even in Japan through this reverse importation. Paris not only hosts the Olympics but also offers a diverse culinary culture, making it an exciting place to explore different food trends.

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Sweet Corn

A sweet variety revolution could lead to a sweet potato boom

The development of sweet, high-sugar content varieties is causing a surge in interest, akin to the sweet potato trend. In South Korea, corn-based sweets like cakes and lattes are already popular, suggesting a potential corn sweet trend in Japan.

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Monochrome Sweets

Again, South Korea’s trendy sweets is a key influence to Japan

Sweet treats are breaking away from their traditional warm and inviting appearances, as the use of monochrome themes becomes a hot topic. In addition to 2D cakes, South Korea’s trendy monochrome sweets cafes features items like black cocoa, bamboo charcoal powder, and black sesame.

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Craft Tea

The Rising Popularity of Tea: Potential for Craft Tea Trends

The popularity of tea has been on the rise, influenced by trends like “Nun Activity” (enjoying afternoon tea) and the boom in tapioca drinks using milk tea. Recently, “Japanese black tea” made from domestically grown tea leaves has gained recognition and even been commercialized as bottled beverages. While currently grouped as domestic tea, there is potential for the emergence of “Craft Black Tea” in the future, much like beer and cola, where regional flavors can be enjoyed as tea production becomes more specialized by origin.

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Asian Okayu(rice porridge)

Rice Porridge’s Evolution: From Convalescent Food to a Healthy Choice for All Ages

With origins dating back in Japan and neighboring countries like China, Taiwan, and South Korea, rice porridge, known as “okayu,” has been a long-standing staple. In recent times, there has been a rise in establishments offering various international variations of rice porridge in Japan. These porridges are known for their hearty and flavorful ingredients. In August of this year, cup rice porridge designed for microwave cooking was introduced. What was once primarily associated with convalescence is evolving into a healthy and satisfying meal option for people of all ages, signaling a shift in its perception from being solely for the unwell to a popular choice among younger generations and beyond.

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British-style Scones

Sweets that have gained the spotlight due to the “Nun Activity” trend

It’s not just tea that’s been garnering attention during the “Nun Activity” trend. Scones, the perfect accompaniment to tea, have also seen the rise of specialty shops and become immensely popular, even leading to British-themed events featuring scones in department stores in 2022-2023. On Cookpad.

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Gulab Jamun

World’s Sweetest, Anticipating the Boom of Indian Donuts in Japan

Gulab Jamun is an Indian sweet made from wheat flour or milk dough, deep-fried and soaked in cardamom-flavored syrup, known for its incredibly intense sweetness, often regarded as the sweetest in the world. It’s a common dessert in India, with approximately 1,100 recipes posted on Cookpad India. Following the trend of super-sweet Middle Eastern dessert “Baklava” in 2023, 2024 might see a Gulab Jamun craze.

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