Cookpad is a community website for cooking recipes operated by Cookpad, Inc., and it was established in 1998. Users are free to post recipes, and the number of recipes exceeds 3.9 million. The user base has grown to over 48 million, with a focus on simple and practical recipes, primarily contributed by homemakers.

Today, let’s talk about Cookpad’s food trends. Cookpad is a community website for sharing cooking recipes, and it has been beloved by many for years. There’s some fascinating information about the food trends for 2023 and 2024.

Cookpad’s Food Trends for 2023

In 2023, Cookpad witnessed the rise of the following seven food trends:

  1. Rice Paper: Light and healthy rice paper dishes became a sensation. There’s a wide variety of salad rolls and spring roll variations to explore. Around 2021, recipes for diet meals using rice paper appeared on TikTok and became a hot topic.
  2. Assassin’s Pasta: This uniquely named pasta is known for its Instagram-worthy presentation and deliciousness. An Italian chef living in Japan introduced it as “Okoge Pasta” on his video channel, and since then, more and more people have been making it on SNS, and it has become a hot topic in Japan
  3. Evolutionary Croissant: Croissants evolved with new flavors and toppings, creating a trend to savor.In 2023, a bold evolution of the croissant was introduced, with one standout product being the “Supreme (Circle) Croissant” originating from New York. This distinctive pastry features a swirl-shaped round dough topped with colorful cream and has gained popularity, being offered in numerous renowned bakeries and creating quite a buzz
  4. Eggless Recipes: Recipes catering to egg allergies and those who prefer not to use eggs saw an increase. Egg prices began to soar last summer and peaked around spring 2023. The soaring prices of eggs, which had been called “the honor student of prices,” caused stores to limit the number of eggs purchased and consumers to visit multiple stores in search of cheaper eggs.
  5. Rice Flour: Rice flour has gradually become a hot topic since around the end of 2022 due to the rising price of wheat flour and increasing health consciousness. The domestic surplus of rice has also become a concern, and it will likely continue to be a noteworthy commodity.
  6. 2D Cakes: Three-dimensional 2D cakes became a hit, celebrated for their beautiful visuals. The name “Cartoon Cake” was coined in the U.S. and Europe. Known as “Cartoon Cake” or “Comic Cake” in Europe and the U.S., it has spread to many countries via social networking services. In Japan, a café in Shin-Okubo began selling the cakes, and the popularity of the cakes boomed, especially among young people who said, “It’s like being in a picture book world! and it became a boom.
  7. Pudding: Traditional dessert, pudding, garnered attention with fresh new twists. It is a Brazilian pudding with a rich taste of condensed milk and a firm texture
Ranking Product Image
No1Rice Paper
No2Assassin’s Pasta
No3Evolutionary Croissant
No4Eggless Recipes
No5Rice Flour
No62D Cakes
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These trends balanced practicality and enjoyment, emphasizing cooking methods, textures, and visual appealing.