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*Insights from Japan Marketing Research Institute: Brand Image Survey Overview for April 2022.

Okayama-based Kabaya Foods plans to gradually increase prices on over 20 confectionery products by approximately 4-12% for gummies, refreshing sweets, and chocolates, and 8-20% for toy candies starting from the February 1, 2024, delivery. The decision is driven by rising raw material and transportation costs, with further escalations anticipated. Notable products like ‘Tough Gummy,’ ‘Salt Charge Tablets,’ and ‘Crunchy Panda’ already saw price hikes in February and March. Additionally, three chocolate products, including ‘Amaou Strawberry Chocolate,’ will have their content volume reduced from 132 grams to 122 grams. Retail prices will be determined by individual retailers.

Source:Nikkei 15th Dec 2023.