From December 13th (Wednesday), Aeon will reduce prices on 29 items of its private brand “Top Valu” at approximately 10,000 stores nationwide, including “Aeon,” “Aeon Style,” and “MaxValu.” The price reduction for Top Valu, which began in September this year with the revision of delivery methods and leveraging the group’s scale advantages, will now encompass a total of 60 items, including the initial 31 items subjected to price adjustments

Picture is from AEON’s news release

In the first phase, AEON received customer feedback such as “In the midst of a price increase rush, it’s appreciated that companies are taking on price reductions” and “While understanding necessary price increases, it’s heartening when they are appropriately offset.” This time, with certain raw material prices like soybeans and edible oil stabilizing and leveraging the group’s concerted efforts for the increased sales volume of targeted products, we have achieved price reductions for 29 items.

The selected products include everyday essentials like “Organic Ingredient Unadjusted Soy Milk,” “Frozen Pasta,” and “Facial Tissue,” as well as seasonally appropriate items for the current season such as various types of “Nabe (Hot Pot) Soup Base.” In total, there are 129 carefully chosen items.

Examples of Products with Reduced Prices

Product Name Size Before Change (Including Tax) After Change (Including Tax)
Top Valu Best Price Umami Kimchi Hot Pot Base 750g ¥228 (¥246.24) ¥198 (¥213.84)
Top Valu Green Eye Organic Unadjusted Soy Milk 1000ml ¥218 (¥235.44) ¥208 (¥224.64)
Top Valu Best Price Rich Ketchup and Abundant Tomato Ketchup Sauce Large Serving Napolitan 1 serving (360g) ¥178 (¥192.24) ¥168 (¥181.44)
Top Valu Best Price Fluffy Pancake Mix 200g x 3 bags ¥248 (¥267.84) ¥238 (¥257.04)
Top Valu Canola Oil Half 500g ¥328 (¥354.24) ¥278 (¥300.24)
Top Valu Best Price Slim Tissue Paper 200 sets x 10 packs ¥558 (¥613.80) ¥538 (¥591.80)

(Note: Prices in parentheses are before tax.)

Buyers in the retail industry, who had accepted price increases as inevitable between 2021 and 2022, are becoming more sensitive to prices now. Reducing prices is a powerful means of appealing to consumers by demonstrating how closely a business aligns with their needs. There is a potential for other retailers to follow suit in the future.