Kaneka Corporation (Tokyo) will release the individual serving type of “Pure Nature™ Organic Yogurt” on October 2nd. The product, JAS certified and launched in March this year, will be available at organic specialty stores, supermarkets, delivery services, Kaneka online shop2, and other outlets through Kaneka Food Corporation (Tokyo).

Kaneka Corporation is launching “Pure Nature™ Organic Yogurt,” a new certified organic product. This includes plain and blueberry confiture varieties, both with organic certification. The yogurt is made with milk from the organic-exclusive Betsukai Wellness Farm in Hokkaido, contributing to its rich flavor. It undergoes a two-stage fermentation process by Belgium’s Pur Natur company, resulting in a dense and smooth texture. Available through Kaneka’s online shop and other channels.

Product Features:

  • Utilizes organic raw milk from Betsukai Wellness Farm, practicing circular organic dairy farming.
  • Distinctive texture with a rich and smooth mouthfeel achieved through a two-stage fermentation process.
  • Crafted with a dual layer of organic yogurt and organic confiture.
  • Certified organic product with JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certification.
  • Incorporates “A2 Milk”: Betsukai Wellness Farm embraces the trend of A2 milk*8, confirming that all their dairy cows exclusively possess the A2 gene type.