Marugame Seimen launched Innovative mobility Udon noodles. The year 2023, often referred to as the ‘After Corona’ era, witnessed the emergence of a series of hit products, driven by the increase in opportunities for outdoor activities. Marugame Seimen’s mobility udon noodles is one of them. Marugame Seimen is always introducing innovative products ; for example Udon Bento (lunch /dinner box) in April 2021 and this year Shake udon.

On April 13, 2021, Marugame Udon introduced the ‘Marugame Udon Bento,’ featuring freshly-made udon noodles with the authentic Marugame texture, paired with tempura and side dishes, all packed into a single box. Within two weeks of its release, it surpassed one million units in sales. With the impact of the pandemic leading to increased time spent at home, the convenient and easy-to-enjoy bento-style udon has proven to be a successful product in the market.

Picture from PRTIMES

Since its launch in May 2023, the ‘Marugame Shake Udon’ has garnered tremendous acclaim, selling approximately 4.5 million servings by October 11, 2023. Offering over 10 unique flavors, this udon experience, born out of a desire for style-free excitement, invites you to savor a delightful unity of freshly-made udon, special broth, and shaken ingredients.

This cup udon offers excellent portability, making it convenient to enjoy anywhere you desire. It captivates consumers by providing a fresh, exciting, and novel flavor experience.


Picture from PRTIMES,