CEEU YOKOHAMA is opend 27th October 2023.

CATCH & GO, a walk-through store that allows customers to purchase items without going through a cash register, will open on the first floor of AEON Food Style Yokohama Nishiguchi Store (Nishi-ku, Yokohama), a commercial facility under construction on the former Daiei site at the west exit of Yokohama Station. This is the first walk-through store attached to a supermarket in Japan.

Customers are encouraged to enter the store by scanning a dedicated app at the entrance. The approximately 50 square meter sales area offers around 400 items, including refreshing beverages, snacks, and rice balls. Although there is no traditional checkout counter, customers can exit the store with their chosen items in hand.

AI analyzes footage from cameras installed within the store, not only tracking customer movements but also utilizing weight sensors on product shelves to monitor inventory. This setup allows for automatic processing of transactions even when customers exit the gate with their selected items. The system was developed by NTT Data. Catch and Go operates from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Aeon Food Style Yokohama Nishiguchi Store Manager Masashi Omoi expresses a desire for those looking to streamline their shopping experience to make use of the unmanned store. The target demographic includes commuters in their 20s and 30s, as well as teenagers commuting to school. The store aims for 1,000 daily visitors and a daily sales target of around 200,000 yen.

According to Aeon Mall, within a 5-kilometer radius of S’il Vous Yokohama, there are 440,000 households and 820,000 residents. It is reported that 80% of these are either single individuals or two-person households.

Source: Nikkei MJ 1st December 2023