After Valentine’s Day Chocolate Event

Kuradashi, an online shopping site that operates by selling discounted food items nearing their expiration date, has initiated an event utilizing Valentine’s Day chocolates starting from the 15th. In a temporary store established on the basement floor of Tokyo Midtown Yaesu (Tokyo, Chuo), they are selling chocolates and offering special menus at five eateries within the facility. The intention behind hosting the event after Valentine’s Day is to contribute to the reduction of food waste related to Valentine’s Day products.

Eateries are providing menus using commercial chocolates, and the temporary store is scheduled to operate until the 25th, with sales ending as products are sold out. After Valentine’s Day on the 14th, when the demand for chocolates rapidly decreases, they plan to offer leftover items at a discount of up to 50%. Throughout the period, they will rotate the products, handling a total of approximately 30 to 40 different items.

For the eateries in Tokyo Midtown Yaesu, commercial chocolates are supplied for use in cakes, chocolate sauces, and other ingredients. The online shopping site “Kuradashi” has also set up a dedicated page to sell chocolate-related products, and their permanent store, Tamaplaza Terrace (Yokohama), will feature a dedicated corner until the 22nd.

Since 2022, the company has been actively addressing the reduction of waste from unsold Valentine’s Day products through initiatives such as opening temporary stores, and this marks the third event of its kind. According to the company, the previous two initiatives led to a reduction of over 11,000 chocolates.

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